viernes, 28 de febrero de 2014

Miley Cyrus wants nothing with Tinkerbell

Early this morning it was reported in various media that the sexy Miley Cyrus would return to action; and better than that, I would do it in a new Disney movie.

According to the revealed information, the blonde would give life to (Bell), the amiga fairy from Peter Pan Tinkerbell, but this news was immediately denied by the controversial singer, who gave statements that left everyone impacted.

"I think that it suicidaría me before I slip into this character. You crush me my own tongue", wrote on his Twitter account the girl, who apparently have much hatred to the beautiful hadi

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Russia invading Ukraine

Ukraine denounces a "military invasion" of Russia in the Crimea

A group of civil and military prorrusos occupy that Ukrainian Autonomous Republic Airport. On Thursday, a command had taken control of the Parliament and the headquarters of the local government

Unidentified gunmen took the airport in Simferopol in the Ukrainian Autonomous Republic of Crimea, on Friday morning, according to the Interfax Agency.

Fifty armed men took the terminal air and, almost immediately, met in front of the main building a crowd doing flaming flags of the Russian fleet in the Black Sea, according to the same source.

On Thursday morning, a pro-Russian command had taken control of the Parliament and the headquarters of the local government in Simferopol.

The Crimean peninsula in southern Ukraine, where it is based the Russian Black Sea fleet, is directed toward a burst of separatist tensions.

Ukraine denounced the "occupation" of Russia by blockade of the airport

The Minister of Interior, Arsén Avákov, reported the blockade by Russian military, in the Ukrainian Autonomous Republic of Crimea, which described as "military invasion and occupation".

"Inside the airport there are military and Ukraine border guards. But outside, military uniform of camouflage and armed, without badges, but which do not hide their belonging to the Russian Black Sea fleet", Avakov wrote on his Facebook page.

The airport is still operating

The Ukrainian airport of Simferopol in Crimea, a region where tensions rise, remained open Friday, while several uniformed and armed men patrolling the outside of the main building.

A pro-Russian command had already taken control of Parliament, which later voted behind closed doors the call for a referendum in may on the autonomy of this region in the South of Ukraine, and the headquarters of the local government in the city. "The airport operate normally," said an administrative manager.

Kiev and Moscow on hard pulseada for Crimea, wanting "more autonomy"

On Thursday, Arseni Yatseniuk proeuropeo took the reins of a Ukraine threatened by bankruptcy and in the middle of a tug of war with Russia, while Western alarm at the situation in Crimea, a region that demands "more autonomy".

The Ukrainian Parliament confirmed on Thursday the interim Government, headed by the Prime Minister Arseni Yatseniuk, 39-year-old, who immediately highlighted the new pro-European orientation of the country.

"Ukraine sees its future in Europe. We want to be part of the European Union,"he said.

The tension between the new pro-Western power of Ukraine and Russia redoubled after the events in Crimea and the announcement that Moscow had received ousted President Viktor Yanukovich.

The escalation caused concern in Western Governments, which urged Russia to respect the territorial integrity of Ukraine, a former Soviet Republic independent since 1991.

The Crimean Parliament approved in the afternoon a call for a referendum on May 25 to decide the Statute of autonomy of the region. It is also the date chosen by the new authorities of Kiev to hold early presidential elections, seeking to legitimize the revolution that toppled to Yanukovich.

The President, whose whereabouts was ignored for five days, made known Thursday to Russian news agencies that was considered to be President and that Friday would give a press conference from Russian territory.

A high-ranking Russian official announced that Moscow had welcomed it according to an order "to ensure his personal safety".

The President acting Ukrainian Olexander Turchinov said that any movement of troops of the Russian Black Sea fleet "will be considered a military aggression".

The warning came the next day that President Vladimir Putin put on alert the Russian troops on the border with Ukraine, which increased fears of military maneuvers to resolve a crisis with a veneer of cold war.

Meanwhile, US Vice President Joe Biden called Thursday to Yatsenyuk and promised "full support" to the country's new leaders, seeking to distance themselves from Russian influence.

Biden "promised to the Prime Minister that the United States will offer its full support to Ukraine when undertake the necessary reforms that return economic health, progress in reconciliation, keep its international obligations and look for open and constructive relations with all its neighbours", according to a White House release said.

The crisis in Ukraine, a country of 46 million people, broke out when Yanukovich in November decided to turn its back on a trade agreement with the European Union (EU) to strengthen ties with Russia.

The repression of the protests in Kiev ended last week with a blood bath that precipitated the

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What country paid more income tax

Do in which countries the rich pay more taxes income? And in what should pay more people who have an average income? For decades, the tribute to earnings has been a topic in many parts of the world. In France, for example, the electoral promise of President Francois Hollande introduce a 75% tax to those who earned more than $1.14 million met with -obviously - the opposition of the rich. Hollande never managed to impose this measure, which was declared unconstitutional by the courts in 2012, although it modified in such a way that they were employers who would have to pay for it. To put this information into context, the Paris Saint Germain football club have to pay close to $40 million to the Government for the duration of the contract with the player Zlatan Ibrahimovic, ending in 2016, and who perceived a net salary of $15 million a year. In the United Kingdom, the Beatles created in 1966 the protest song "Taxman" in reference to the tax known as "supertax" (95%), introduced by the Labour Government of Harold Wilson, and affected the income of the band. Higher taxes in United Kingdom today are less than half of this percentage, but are still a controversial subject.

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lunes, 17 de febrero de 2014

AFSCA unanimously approved the adequacy of Clarin

The directory organization conducting Sabbatella Martin today approved without too many detours, plans for adequacy of Clarín and Vila-Manzano groups.

Finally, were unanimously approved by the board of the Federal Authority of Audiovisual Services (AFSCA) adaptation plans submitted by Clarín and Vila-Manzano groups.

The government majority directory organization conducting Martín Sabbatella adopted without change adaptation plan submitted by the Clarín Group who would further give more time than the others to achieve it.

Meanwhile, the proposed plan also Vila-Manzano was accepted but with some requirements.

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It feels, feels, president Urribarri

Sergio Urribarri: "Yes, I will be presidential candidate"

The governor of Entre Ríos confirmed his intention to be candidates as "an option to continue the task" initiated by Néstor and Cristina in the next presidential election. "I will participate in the STEP 2015" said Urribarri.

"Yes, I will be presidential candidate," said Sergio Urribarri in an interview with the newspaper Página 12, which added that "Cristina Kirchner has two years left in it will do much."

"I have also told the mayors that the priority of these two years is the management and told them that Cristina Kirchner has two years left in it will do much. But beyond that, I will contest the presidency when circumstances so indicate, "the governor of Entre Rios.

By listing the "many reasons" that lead him to make that decision, the provincial president said: "First, because I am convinced that the substance of this draft Néstor and Cristina, this national, popular and democratic project is over, much more travel. "

He explained further, "I feel in my soul this defiant destiny seemed written rupturista dependence epic. Undoubtedly, this project is the best option for the country and I want to be an option to continue this work. "

Noting that "in the country see things right, I have no doubt," said that "those who missed the opportunity, which speculated against the country and against the government, had no luck. So now the President and his team are to take the opportunity to boost the economy in the central aspects: produce more, lower inflation, "he said.

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AC / DC celebrates 40 years with 40 gigsand a new album.

The lead singer of AC / DC Brian Johnson explained that the intention of the band is celebrating its 40th anniversary by offering 40 concerts in many cities around the globe, to "thank the 'fans' absolute loyalty" during this time.
Four years after his last tour six years after their last juegos friv  studio album ('Black Ice', 2008), AC /DC are ready to return to activity with new work and a world tour to celebrate their 40th anniversary as vocalist explained to Radio 98.7 friv game The Gater Florida.
Specifically, Johnson announced that AC / DC will friv begin recording their new album from May in Vancouver, without specifying details as a hypothetical release date.
A greeting.
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Del Potro returned to get off the Davis Cup

The Tandil issued its request that "profound changes to correct errors" are made. He said there are "double standards and hypocrisy" in the AAT
The number 5 in the world relaunched their darts against the leaders and in a brief but forceful letter resigned to join the Argentine cast of Davis Cup for playoffs September, which will decide whether the group continues or not in Group World.
Juan Martin del Potro announced no contest the team competition in 2014, said that many errors that require major changes were committed and accused hypocrisy reigns today about the Davis Cup.
The Tandil also referred to the "cantitos" which they dedicated fans after the defeat against Italy, blaming him for his absence, and justified  cursos gratuitos his decision "for the sake of the silent majority who like this sport is far from insulting rivals or punish someone for their country. "
After the loss to the Europeans, the President of the AAT, Arturo Grimaldi, said it was disrespectful of the public against Del Potro and said they would do everything possible to have him in the team, which was eventually scrapped by the player.
In November, del Potro had made public his resignation from the first round of the Davis Cup in a tough letter to Grimaldi and Martin Lendl, cursos online  in which he stated: "I'm tired of invitations by mail or messages while me through some press releases trying to
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Releasing a narco boss Bajo Flores

Controversy after the release of a drug lord Bajo Flores for being a good student in jail

This is the Peruvian González Marco Estrada, who was imprisoned since 2007 for being the leader of the drug distribution in the villa 1-11-14. He received a five-month reduction in his sentence because he finished high school and learned mechanics. It is free for 10 days

By order of the No.3 Oral Tribunal Federal Capital, Marco Antonio "Mark" Estrada Gonzalez (51), convicted three times for drug dealer and designated as the business leader of paco and cocaine in the village of Bajo Flores, was released criminal Ezeiza 10 days ago and returned to the private neighborhood where he lived before his arrest.

From the Law 26,695, enacted in August 2011 and which amended Penal Execution Law, Article 140 a scale reduction of penalties imposed on prisoners who choose to study in prison. It was so his lawyers appealed to the rule and applied for early departure. And thanks to positive reports of the Federal Penitentiary Service, Estada Gonzalez could prove "educational attainment" and get their freedom.

The drug lord arrested in Paraguay on November 5, 2007, and corresponded parole only since July 4. Since then managed two megacauses against it resolved in abbreviated trials and only incurring a penalty of 10 years in prison. A mid-year three-quarters of his sentence, which guaranteed their freedom and five months ahead of schedule, was released from prison were met.

As reported Clarín, the prosecution objected but decided not to appeal. The conditions imposed by the Court to grant freedom were fixed address, "refrain from using drugs or abusing alcohol," "do not commit new crimes" and reporting to the Justice. Estrada told his intimates that his former life "left behind" and it plans to open a shop with his family.

"Mark" was central protagonist of a drug war that killed at least 20 people to take control of drug distribution in the Capital claimed. He was convicted three times as a drug trafficker. The first sentence was in 2004, when he imposed three and a half years in prison. In the same case was also convicted who was his partner, Ramos Alionzo Rutillo Mariño ("Ruti" . After both recovered freedom, friendship led to rivalry. "Ruti" and "Mark" began a bloody war.

The second sentence against him originated in 2006 in a case brought in the court of Jorge Ballestero, who commanded and achieved his international arrest cause. His wife and mother were also arrested in the same case. The three signed a first summary trial (declared guilty in exchange for a lighter sentence) in 2012.

Judge Sergio Torres discovered that marriage was handling everything from prison and had extended its business to "paco". That case led to the second and final trial brief "Mark" in 2013. His lawyers advised him to sign out of jail fast.

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Neymar "I see myself lifting the World Cup"

Brazilian footballer Neymar da Silva Barcelona has stated that this is winning the 2014 World Cup with the Brazil team.

Last July the 'canarinhá precisely with Neymar at the head, took the title of the Confederations Cup by beating Spain 3-0, and as he has said, told "Brazil has good options to reach the final and become world champion. "

In any case, expected to Neymar next World will be a "hard-fought" competition because all the teams are preparing very well for this.

Neymar reappeared this weekend at the Camp Nou, where he could score a goal against Rayo Vallecano, and confesses that he is "anxious" to the big event arrives June.

"It seems a long time away, but it is not. Already arrived, the World Cup is there. And on top in our country, is a huge pride., I'm anxious. Hopefully I can handle that anxiety is going to be a great Cup and hopefully it is especially for us, "he assured.

The former player of Santos talks about a new label from the arrival of Luis Felipe Scolari to 'Seleção': "Do not know what changed I think the team created an identity needed time to train and get to know better and the game flow.." .

Neymar believes that joining the team was "fantastic" to win the Confederations Cup. "That motivated us even more to be at each other and helped us win the title," he said.

The Barcelona player admits that he and his teammate Lionel Messi have imagined the World Cup final, where they would face Brazil and Argentina, "but with Brazil as the winner," he jokes.

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Forlan and became the powerful Japanese league

Diego Forlán made his debut in Japan with a cherry spectacular goal. For forty meters, the "10" of "Celeste" made a goal in his confrontation with his new team before the Okayam Osaka.

The Uruguayan received the ball just past the half court line, finished and left blank for the keeper.

Fans of Cherry incorpoción are plethoric with the striker, who is admired by history, triumphs and profile footballer yesterday and this reaffirms that mood.

The pink outfit was enhanced in the attack and aspires to be located on the top of the table.

Forlán also surprised everyone again pronouncing new words in Japanese. Language study with a teacher from the embassy in Uruguay, with his wife, is working. "Ratified on the court, how to play with technical speed of football in this country," said "Cachavacha" waiting to get in good shape for the World Cu

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