lunes, 17 de febrero de 2014

It feels, feels, president Urribarri

Sergio Urribarri: "Yes, I will be presidential candidate"

The governor of Entre Ríos confirmed his intention to be candidates as "an option to continue the task" initiated by Néstor and Cristina in the next presidential election. "I will participate in the STEP 2015" said Urribarri.

"Yes, I will be presidential candidate," said Sergio Urribarri in an interview with the newspaper Página 12, which added that "Cristina Kirchner has two years left in it will do much."

"I have also told the mayors that the priority of these two years is the management and told them that Cristina Kirchner has two years left in it will do much. But beyond that, I will contest the presidency when circumstances so indicate, "the governor of Entre Rios.

By listing the "many reasons" that lead him to make that decision, the provincial president said: "First, because I am convinced that the substance of this draft Néstor and Cristina, this national, popular and democratic project is over, much more travel. "

He explained further, "I feel in my soul this defiant destiny seemed written rupturista dependence epic. Undoubtedly, this project is the best option for the country and I want to be an option to continue this work. "

Noting that "in the country see things right, I have no doubt," said that "those who missed the opportunity, which speculated against the country and against the government, had no luck. So now the President and his team are to take the opportunity to boost the economy in the central aspects: produce more, lower inflation, "he said.

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