lunes, 17 de febrero de 2014

Forlan and became the powerful Japanese league

Diego Forlán made his debut in Japan with a cherry spectacular goal. For forty meters, the "10" of "Celeste" made a goal in his confrontation with his new team before the Okayam Osaka.

The Uruguayan received the ball just past the half court line, finished and left blank for the keeper.

Fans of Cherry incorpoción are plethoric with the striker, who is admired by history, triumphs and profile footballer yesterday and this reaffirms that mood.

The pink outfit was enhanced in the attack and aspires to be located on the top of the table.

Forlán also surprised everyone again pronouncing new words in Japanese. Language study with a teacher from the embassy in Uruguay, with his wife, is working. "Ratified on the court, how to play with technical speed of football in this country," said "Cachavacha" waiting to get in good shape for the World Cu

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