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Releasing a narco boss Bajo Flores

Controversy after the release of a drug lord Bajo Flores for being a good student in jail

This is the Peruvian González Marco Estrada, who was imprisoned since 2007 for being the leader of the drug distribution in the villa 1-11-14. He received a five-month reduction in his sentence because he finished high school and learned mechanics. It is free for 10 days

By order of the No.3 Oral Tribunal Federal Capital, Marco Antonio "Mark" Estrada Gonzalez (51), convicted three times for drug dealer and designated as the business leader of paco and cocaine in the village of Bajo Flores, was released criminal Ezeiza 10 days ago and returned to the private neighborhood where he lived before his arrest.

From the Law 26,695, enacted in August 2011 and which amended Penal Execution Law, Article 140 a scale reduction of penalties imposed on prisoners who choose to study in prison. It was so his lawyers appealed to the rule and applied for early departure. And thanks to positive reports of the Federal Penitentiary Service, Estada Gonzalez could prove "educational attainment" and get their freedom.

The drug lord arrested in Paraguay on November 5, 2007, and corresponded parole only since July 4. Since then managed two megacauses against it resolved in abbreviated trials and only incurring a penalty of 10 years in prison. A mid-year three-quarters of his sentence, which guaranteed their freedom and five months ahead of schedule, was released from prison were met.

As reported Clarín, the prosecution objected but decided not to appeal. The conditions imposed by the Court to grant freedom were fixed address, "refrain from using drugs or abusing alcohol," "do not commit new crimes" and reporting to the Justice. Estrada told his intimates that his former life "left behind" and it plans to open a shop with his family.

"Mark" was central protagonist of a drug war that killed at least 20 people to take control of drug distribution in the Capital claimed. He was convicted three times as a drug trafficker. The first sentence was in 2004, when he imposed three and a half years in prison. In the same case was also convicted who was his partner, Ramos Alionzo Rutillo Mariño ("Ruti" . After both recovered freedom, friendship led to rivalry. "Ruti" and "Mark" began a bloody war.

The second sentence against him originated in 2006 in a case brought in the court of Jorge Ballestero, who commanded and achieved his international arrest cause. His wife and mother were also arrested in the same case. The three signed a first summary trial (declared guilty in exchange for a lighter sentence) in 2012.

Judge Sergio Torres discovered that marriage was handling everything from prison and had extended its business to "paco". That case led to the second and final trial brief "Mark" in 2013. His lawyers advised him to sign out of jail fast.

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